Salt Water Hot Tubs

Salt water hot tubs

Are you looking for pure relaxation, having tired muscles with aches and pains? Or are you simply seeking therapeutic benefits to ease the tension and balance your body from inside and out? How about a luxury spa in your backyard?  Our saltwater hot tubs can be installed on your patio and can become the heart of a splendid social gathering place in your house! Look no further as you can have all these benefits in the comfort of your own own home! 

Saltwater tubs have been used for many years by health Spas and Hydros to treat patients with various ailments, but recently it has been reported that many people have started using saltwater hot tubs in the comfort of their own homes. It has now not only been seen for recreational and luxury purposes but yet as a need and necessity for health benefits too. 

Saltwater tubs are wonderful for recreation and restoration purposes as people have done this for centuries, so still today it is commonly practiced and popular all over the world. A saltwater tub is a tub with an added saline solution in place of plain tap water. These tubs are used as an aid to relaxation whatever season you may be in it is always possible to put your worries aside and relax in hot bubbling water this luxury is not something that everyone can afford these days however with the recent increase of affordable products and services on the market due to technological developments, we are now able to partake in this wonderful activity. 

Hot tubs are firstly used as an aid to relaxation, in whatever time of year you find yourself in, it is always possible to put your worries aside and just relax in the hot bubbling water of a hot tub. This is not something everyone can afford these days as it is a form of luxury, however, with the recent increase of affordable products on the market due to technological developments we are now able to partake in this wonderful luxury and make the most of it. Saltwater tubs are fantastic for many reasons. We will look into the various factors that have contributed to this being the case and we will evaluate each alternative thoroughly so that you are in no doubt as to what the best option is for your bathing needs. 

The design and build of a saltwater hot tub are made perfectly to fit in your garden. The structure of saltwater tubs is made from acrylic glass which provides a beautiful view while relaxing in it. There are a variety of colors and shapes which makes them very unique and appealing. Saltwater tubs are great for a number of reasons. 

Salt water hot tubs


Bestseller is the Coleman Salu Spa inflatable hot tub/Portable hot tub with a heated water system and bubble jets that fit up to 6 people. 

It has a durable and innovative construction: The spa’s durable PVC material and I-beam construction offer superior strength and stability while ensuring your tub never loses its shape. No extra tools are needed to set up this portable spa. You can simply inflate and deflate with the included pump! A cover comes with an extra safety feature, maintains the water’s warm temperature, and prevents debris from getting in the tub. 

Bestway Salu Spa 71″ x 26″ Helsinki Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub 

Gentle on your skin: Our Built-In clear soft softening system reduces the effects of hard water, like spa staining or skin irritation. Let the warm, soothing water relax your muscles and joints after a long day. 

Bestway 60022E Salu Spa Hawaii 71-Inch x 26-Inch 6 Person Outdoor Inflatable Hot Tub Spa with Air Jets, Pump, 2 Filter Cartridges, and Tub Cover, Navy. Simple setup and maintenance: no extra tools are needed to set up This portable spa. Simply inflate and deflate with the spa’s own pump! In addition, a reinforced cover with safety lock clips and a built-in air chamber for heat insulation covers your spa when not in use. 

Bestway Salu Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub, 4-Person Air Jet Spa. 

Simple setup and maintenance: no extra tools are needed to set up This portable spa. Simply inflate and deflate with the spa’s own pump! A cover comes with to provide safety, maintain the water’s warm temperature, and keep the water clean from debris, such as rain or Leaves. 

Salu Spa 61″x24″/1.55m x 60cm Vancouver Air Jet Plus.Easy to operate, the digital control panel allows you to change the water temperature (up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and flow of the jets without stepping out of the spa. 



  • Fewer chemicals as a natural chemical reaction takes place between salt and water which is known as electrolysis, salt water tubs provide your tub water with a steady supply of chlorine. The amount of chlorine produced by salt sanitation systems are much lower than the amount you would add if you were manually introducing chlorine into the water. 
  • Salt water tubs are essentially self-regulating, which means that the owners will not have to perform many pH tests, thus leaving the tub’s water unchanged for longer intervals and spend less time adjusting chemical levels. 
  • Chlorine tubs are high maintenance and can be very costly, where salt water tubs will require less maintenance and will also be less expensive to maintain in the long run. 


  •  Higher upfront costs even though salt water hot tubs costs less to maintain in the long run than a tub with normal water a salt water system will cost much more up front than a chlorine-based system. 
  • Salt tends to cause corrosion as it has natural corrosive properties, this is mostly unlikely to cause any significant damage to your tub. 
  • Due to salt cell maintenance Your salt waters hot tub’s salt cell will also need to be cleaned on a regular basis, preferably every two to three months. 


Saltwater Hot tub prices can range from $2,000 to $32,000, and saltwater systems will more or less cost between $500 and $5,000. You can expect to find a saltwater tub around $2,500, with higher-end saltwater tubs between $30,500 and $37,000 

Best saltwater hot tubs 

People suffering from arthritis utilize the Jacuzzi and this has offered many hydrotherapy benefits for all joint problems. The jacuzzi tubs come with a very attractive exterior and in a variety of color options. Jacuzzi tubs are designed in such a way to preserve the heat from the motor and use this to warm the water. Massages are regulated by the jet systems and use a mix of air and water to provide high-pressure massages, the jet placement targets key muscles points and areas from the neck all the way down to the legs.  

Some of the best hot tub features are offered by Sundance Spas. From the standard built-in smart capabilities to its adjustable Fluidix jets. Even though most of Sundance’s models fall in the premium and luxury price ranges, the brand does offer a good variety of Spas. Prices do range in small, medium, and large tubs. 

Master Spas are hot tubs that come in a range of sizes and they represent four product lines which are Healthy living, Twilight, Clarity, and the Michael Phelps Legend series. Master Spas offers several premium features standard in all models, including waterfalls and a unique bio-magnetic therapy system to relieve aches and pains. Some of the best tub upgrade options, including both UV-C and ozone sanitation options, a Wi-Fi module, and blue tooth audio. 

In 1983 the thermal spa was founded and it prides itself on giving its customers a truly customise hot tub experience. ThermoSpas offers one of the best and most innovative design features which is the total control therapy. The feature is fantastic as it allows each person to have total control over the jets within their own seat to help you feel relaxed at a click of a button. One of the best and most innovative design features to come from ThermoSpas is its Total Control Therapy. This feature allows each person in the tub to have total control over the jets within their own seat to help you feel relaxed at the click of a button. 

Bullfrog Spas has a unique Jetpack therapy system this is fantastic as it allows you to customize your massage with up to 18 options, each targets a different type of massage therapy movement that stimulates various parts of your muscles. Many tubs offer customization when it comes to color options and even upgradeable features, Bullfrog Spas lets you pick exactly what kind of jets and massage therapy to put in each seat in your new tub 

The Cal Spas feature creates tiny bubbles to increase the amount of oxygen in the water, giving it a silkier feel and encouraging cell and collagen regeneration – hence its name. While another selling point exclusive to Cal Spas is its Adjustable Therapy seat. This lets you adjust your hydrotherapy by controlling the power and type of jet blast. 

Salt water hot tubs


There are many benefits of salt water hot tubs that are far greater than those traditional tubs. Like most people these days, you are busy. You have family, friends, work, and lots of other distractions. As a result, you might feel the stress building up in your day-to-day existence. What you need to get this stress out is a high-quality saltwater tub spa. You can use inflatable tubs or luxury tubs.

  • They help relieve both physical and mental stress without any medication.  
  • Salt water hot tubs are easier to maintain as it produces small amounts of natural chlorine molecules which neutralizes contaminants by sanitizing your hot tub 
  • Salt water hot tubs are gentler on your skin and eyes than the strong chlorine harsh chemicals. 
  • Health and relaxation benefits are greatly increased as salt water hot tubs aids in healing qualities on your muscles due to overexertion and exercise and reduces fluid swelling which relives joint pain. 
  • Environmentally friendly than traditional hot tubs. The modern salt hot tubs are made mostly up of recyclable materials and consumes less power than the older versions of hot tubs. They come with advanced technologies that make them more energy efficient. 


Bromine is more stable than chlorine, especially in warm water, making it more commonly used in spas, whereas chlorine is more often used in pools. The exception to this is ultraviolet (UV) light, which destroys both chemicals, but bromine breaks down more quickly. 

Some may think that Bromine and Chlorine its strong competitor is very much similar. The truth is that these ingredients have the potential to affect both appearance and other things too differently from each other. An example is that we have already seen how Bromine provides greater foam which can easily be controlled by turning down output water pressure so the jets inside get lower stream which results in a thicker layer covering once submerged. Both the chemicals destroy contaminants but the difference is their reactivity rate. 

Chlorine does work faster to kill contaminants but for a shorter period of time, as it dissipates faster. Bromine kills contaminants more slowly but for a longer period of time and it can help water chemistry be more balanced due to its low PH meaning less chemical adjusting is needed. 

Bromine has its different uses as Chlorine has its uses as well it really depends on what you are looking for and the benefits of each will determine your choice of spa baths.

No matter the existing usage patterns, when you put on both substances (Bromine vs Chlorine) we might see that when modern homeowners choose substances offering more additional features example the preference of aesthetic selection may vary from person to person. 

Ultimately both chemicals bromine and chlorine are very effective sanitizers for pools and spas. Whether your choice of selection is bromine or chlorine it does all come down to each unique situation and personal preference. 


  • Salt water pools require a larger initial investment, making them more expensive than traditional pools. 
  • More complex than traditional pools salt water pools often require experienced technicians even for minor problems. 
  • A saltwater pool is more expensive than a chlorine pool. 
  • Saltwater pools require expert technicians for repairs. 
  • Cell replacement adds to your costs, a hot water salt cell usually last 2-5 years depending on the quality of the cell, depending on the frequency of use and the level of care you give it. 
  • Salt water pools tend to have a higher insurance rate. 

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